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To the nomads within all of us, to nurture the journey of wondering and wandering in search for connections


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A nomadic Interior Designer wondering and sketching


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Warû is an Interior Architecture & Strategic Design agency focused on creating the nomadic experiences we seek within Hotels, Restaurants, Workplaces, Co-working & Co-living spaces.

Warû founders believe in the fundamental value  of research, analytical thinking, strategic planning & brand understanding prior to starting the design process.

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Location Scouting

Strategic Planning

Research & Development

Concept Creation

Interior Architecture & Design

Concepts Implementation

Branding Coordination

Design Development

Sustainable Design

Technical and Tender Drawings

Detail Design



Previously worked on

Interior Architects/Interior Designers specialized in hospitality design including boutique hotels, 3* hotels, 4* hotels and 5* hotels.
Interior designers specialized in office design, business centers, and co-working spaces.
F&B - Food & Beverages. Waru is specialized in desging restaurants. cafes/coffeeshops, and lounges.



Mohamed Adib & Rasha Al-Tekreeti

In simple words, when energies and visions match, greatness is promised!


Together, we have over 37 years of experience and have worked on +200 projects, within both the regional and international environment. We collaborated with the world’s most reputable brands in the hospitality, workplace, and Food & Beverages.


We have had different experiences yet share the same passion; we are creators with nomadic souls, we find inspiration in nature and people, and we seek to create unique yet timeless spaces.


Our aim is to design your space in a way that fits you which cannot be imagined in any other way!  

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